I figured it was probably time to sort through the photos I took during a walk along the St Ives coastline back in February. My original intention was to walk along the coast path to Trevega Bal mine, but I not only underestimated how hard going the coast path was, but also how the cold would decimate my phone battery. I covered approximately 5 miles on my trip (both ways), with the mine being an extra mile-ish up the coast.

This walk starts just south of popular Porthmeor beach and heads follows the coast path away from St Ives. One of the first features is that of The Man’s head. 

There are lovely views of the north coast, with some people being able to spot dolphins. 

St Ives

Not far along I found a patch of very icy ground, stretching from right across the path and freezing up the fence and waterfall. This was only about two meters wide and a real contrast to the rest of the path. 

The coastpath hosts a real variety of textures, from crazy paving, to tarmac to very steep rocky sections. 

St Ives

I got to around Pen Enys Point before I turned back. The whole stretch of cliff is really beautiful and worth the trek.

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