Today, in view of the ‘heatwave’ I abandoned my school work and drove to Maenporth, a quaint little beach just down the line from Falmouth.

Maenporth Beach

The coast path towards the Helford river is on the right side of the beach, just above the Life Guard building, crossing the bottom of some private fields.

Maenporth view

The view towards Pendennis Point and St Anthony Head.

Snowdrops galore.

Bream Cove

Path down to Bream Cove.

Maenporth coastpath

A cute little lookout above Bream Cove, decorated by contemporary local artists.

Ocean views
Ocean Views

The view up the coast from Rosemullion Head and from here you can see all the way across Falmouth Bay in both directions.

The Helford

The Helford river.

The Helford

This has over 47kms of coastline, seven creeks and several houses/estates along its edges.

The Helford with Durgan, Glendurgan and Trebah

Across the river are the beaches at the bottom of Trebah and Glendurgan gardens, with the hamlet of Durgan hidden amongst the trees.

Fishing hut

There are a number of boat houses dotted along the stony beaches.
An inland path up to St Mawnan church is just to the right of the first boathouse.


Trerose House can just be seen from the footpath.

Trerose House

St Mawnan and St Stephen’s church was built in 1231 and has undergone several renovations since then.

St Mawnan and St Stephen's church

From here, take the path running alongside the graveyard which joins back up with the main coastpath back towards Maenporth.

Maenporth is a beautiful little beach, with its shallow waters being perfect for paddling (when its not ice cold). The car park costs £2 for the day and the cafe serves great coffee and icecream.

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