Umm, so it snowed…
For those who don’t live in Cornwall, this NEVER happens. At least anything more than slush.
This year, on the 6th of January, Cornwall got a proper real dusting of white stuff.

Wheal Uny Hind's whim

I took this fleeting opportunity to mooch around Wheal Uny, as its higher elevation and slightly out-of-the-way location guaranteed a good view.
I wasn’t disappointed.

Wheal Uny Hind's

Hind’s pumping engine house.

Wheal Uny Whim

And the whim.

Snow over Carn Brea

I decided to extend my walk and popped up the lane towards Wheal Basset, passing this pretty gate, with Carn Brea in the background.

Seleggan Smelting Works

At the top of the lane, take a right and you’ll eventually see the Seleggan Smelting Works, head in here and take an immediate right into the carpark.

Selegan Smelting Works

Only the best seating and refreshments are available on any Cornish walk.

Seleggan Smelting Works

Bit more Seleggan.
Walk through here and take a left through the door at the end; this passes a capped mine shaft belonging to Wheal Basset.

Wheal Basset Stamps

The view of Wheal Basset stamps and calciner from the bottom track, looking ‘ansome in the snow.

Wheal Basset stamps

The twin 30-inch stamps engine house.
I’ll do a separate Wheal Basset post with more information at a later date.

Wheal Basset Vanner House

After getting a good look around Wheal Basset, I retraced my steps back to Wheal Uny. If I’d had more time I would have loved to have visited the rest of Wheel Basset and West Basset stamps in the centre of Carnkie, within easy walking distance.

Wheal Uny Whim
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