Wheal Emily is a mine in the cliffs opposite Strap Rocks on Gwithian beach, with next to no remains left. Along with the minimal surface remains, there’s very little information about its life. While there’s not recorded opening date, tin was mined off the beach for so long they cut a path through the rocks for carts. Wheal Emily was reopened in 1857, closing just three years later. 

Wheal Emily

This is the only prominent shaft in the area (and the only one mentioned in books). Named Engine shaft, it was worked by a 26″ engine and reached the 42 fathom level (76.8m). Engine shaft was driven off in several different directions on a number of levels, but apart from initial copper and lead finds, the lodes were pretty poor.

The mine was also worked by a 30-foot diameter water wheel and just down the beach are the jutting remains of a truck on rails. 

Some outputs were recorded in 1859, including 25 tons of blende, 75 tons of lead and 169 tons of copper. Between April 1859 and January 1860, the mine made just over £358, but owed over £2,796 to various people.