Across the valley from its more successful neighbour sits the scant remains of West Wheal Peevor, an unsuccessful attempt to work the west ends of Wheal Peevor’s sett. 

Started in 1880 to explore the western extensions of Wheal Peevor’s lodes, this venture was a small and very unsuccessful one. Despite the erection of three engine houses and the installation of a dressing floor, this mine only lasted a few years, closing in 1889. 

In 1938 Scorrier Wolfram Prospect trialled the site for tungsten, however this didn’t come to anything. Another failed trial occurred in 1950, with a third and final reattempt in 1967-8 by Barcas Mining Co Ltd. This took place at the main Michell’s shaft, but this was found to be blocked and was eventually abandoned. 

There were three engine houses on the West Wheal Peevor site. The first was a 50″ pumping engine on Michell’s shaft erected in 1882. In 1968 the top floor had to be removed as it become unstable and a concrete platform installed for an electric hoist. The most prominent engine house held a 22″ stamps engine, likely second hand. This was also built in 1882. The last was an 18″ whim erected around the same time; reports state only the base of this remains today. 

The lodes and shafts of this mine are difficult to distinguish from those of Wheal Peevor and Treleigh Consols in the research material (at least without official plans), so hopefully it’s at least mostly correct.