Daubuz sits all on its lonesome on the southern edge of the South Wheal Francis sett, right on the border with West Wheal Basset. Built in 1880, it held a 30-inch rotative engine that was involved in winding and pumping via flatrods.

South Wheal Frances Daubuz

The engine worked out of Daubuz shaft, which is about 60 meters to the WSW; this shaft was vertical to 170-fathoms (311m) and reached the 230-fathom (420m) level. Only the Great Flat lode was worked from this shaft.
Remains of the boiler house which would have held two boilers sits on the south side.

South Wheal Frances Daubuz

The masonry in front of the engine are the remains of the loadings for the crankshaft, flywheel, winding drum and flat rod gear.

South Wheal Frances Daubuz

Daubuz is to the SW of the main Marriot’s site and is right on the footpath, not far from Pascoe’s.


South Wheal Frances Daubuz


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