Just north of Perth is the paradise of Whiteman’s Park. In the centre of the park is wonderful Caversham Wildlife Park, a little nugget of paradise full of beautiful critters. 

The day we went was one of our hottest and most humid days in Perth, so many of the animals were chilling in the shade. We started by making our way around North East section, checking out all the birds in the walk through aviary. We then headed to the back of the centre to watch the live farm show; here we got to watch the sheep being rounded up in a traditional manner and being sheered. Some of the children in the audience also got to bottle feed some of the cutest lambs. 

Next we popped into Molly’s farm, where my favourite critters were the guinea pigs lying on a frozen water bottle. 

While we waited to meet a wombat, we headed into the reptile house. Here we met lots of gorgeous, and some very dangerous, Australian natives. 

Next up we went to meet a wombat and his friends. This was an interactive section of the park when you can touch and hold some of the lovely animals. 

There was some naughty birds that wouldn’t stay on their perches, a possum that pee’d all over his bench, a lovely snake and Scott and I got meet a very soft wombat. 

Our last few stops featured some of Australia’s most famous creatures. First on our list was to go and meet some koalas; because it was such a hot day they were kept in their enclosure and we went in to meet them. There were a couple that didn’t mind us touching them and we got a photo with the naughtiest marsupial. Just before we left we passed through the kangaroo enclosure. Like so many others they were relaxing in the shade, but we were able to say hello to a few.