Back in May, Scottie and I popped up to a stretch of the coast that frequently crops up on my Instagram, but that neither of us had visited ourselves. This short walk goes from Carnewas Point, past the Bedruthan Steps, towards Park Head.

After a quick lunch in the tiny cafe next to the car park, we meandered down the coast path to take in the sights. The Bedruthan Steps themselves were definitely awe inspiring and the Instagram photos definitely don’t do them justice.

We braved the climb down the steps to Bedruthan Beach. Although the tide was in quite a way, this was definitely worth it for the clear blue waters and different view of the Steps.


The first stack is named Carnewas Island (behind this photo) followed by Pendarves Island, Redcove Island, Samaritan Island, Queen Bess Rock and lastly Diggory’s Island.

Park Head with Scott for reference.
There was a whole bunch of seagulls living on the right side of this headland, having creating nests in all the nooks and crevices. Further evidence of their residence could be seen from the tiny piles of blue shells along the path where they must have dropped mussles from a height to break them up.