So one fine day in January I decided it would be a great idea to go for a walk along the Godrevy coastpath to see the seals. On this occasion, it was a tad moist. 


Starting from the carpark above Fisherman’s cove, just past Hell’s Mouth, I followed the coastpath south towards Godrevy. The incessant weather made the path pretty muddy and slippery, but even the thick clouds can’t take away the beauty of this area. 

Eventually, just before you get to Godrevy, you’ll reach the wonderful Mutton Cove. Here is the home to the funniest looking sheep in Cornwall. 


During low tide, over 100 seals have been seen resting on this beach and females will come and have their pups here as well. Numbers of seal start increasing around the Autumn. The day I went the tide was in quite a way and the sea really rough, so not many of them were loitering.

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