The walk from Boscowen to the village of Maplas isn’t a long one, but allows you to really take in the wonder that is the tidal mudflats of Truro River and all the wildlife that comes with it. 

This walk starts off at Boscowen park, a large open ground on the west side of Truro (meaning three rivers) alongside the Truro River. The park features a play area and several sports grounds, but we’re going to walk around these, following the path that starts in front of the tennis courts and Scout hut.

The walk follows the banks of the river around as it heads towards the River Fal, passing the vast tidal mudflats, a home to different species of birdlife.

Once the path reaches the end of the path around the park, it joins back up with the main footpath along the road. The leads up the wonderful Sunny Corner, where locals moor their boats.

Past Sunny Corner follow the road up towards Malpas; you can choose to either stay on the road or take the slightly muddy path off to the right. This path also has sections where you can clamber down onto the edge of the mudflats, although take care or the mud will suck up your shoes like quicksand from your favourite childhood programme.
The last stretch ends at the village, a quaint spot alongside the river. I stopped here at the Heron Inn for a hot chocolate, before heading back to Boscowen.