Can you see seals? 2.0


So back in January I walked from the Fisherman’s Cove carpark down to Mutton Cove to see the seals – on that occasion it was a tad on the rainy side and bleddy miserable. The photos for that can be found here.


I figured the little blast of sun we had last week would be the perfect opportunity to test out my new camera. These photos were taken on two different days as I went on the Wednesday then Scott complained that he wanted to see the seals as well so we went again the next day.


Some friendly little Cornish choughs.


This little beauty was sunbathing just off the coast.


There were a couple of baby seals on the beach snoozing.


Also met this little fellow.


During different times of the year you can see a number of seals frolicking/sleeping around Mutton Cove, which is only a short walk up from Godrevy.