St Michael’s Mount Castle

St Michael’s Mount castle has existed in many forms, originating as a priory for a group of monks coming from Mont St Michel, before changing hands over five times before eventually belonging to the St Aubyn family since 1659.


My first post about the Mount is here.


Originally a refectory for the monks who lived here.


View of the church from the south terrace.
The church was first built in 1135 by Bernard le Bec, Abbot of Mont St Michel. This was largely rebuilt into what it is today in the 14th century with restoration taking place every century after.


The stain glass window inside the church; it is extra-diocesan and serves the Order of John.


A view of the gardens from the south terrace. These gardens were designed to be viewed from above as well as below.


There is an underground railway that comes up to the castle from the harbour; built around 1900 by local miners, this is still used to transport goods.


Other rooms in the castle include: St John’s room, the library, smoking room, blue drawing room, map room, garrison room, museum room as well as the east wing where the St Aubryn family still live.



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